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Job Opportunities after Graduation

Bachelor of Religion with Concentration in Biblical Studies

  Evangelist, missionary, Sunday school educator

Bachelor of Religion with Concentration in Christian Education

  Evangelist, missionary, Sunday school educator

Bachelor of Religion with Concentration in Music

Music teachers, composers, arrangers, choir conductors, member of professional performing organization, music minister of local churches

Bachelor of Religion with Concentration in Business Administration

Financial analyst, human resource generalist, financial controller, financial planning, banking, insurance, real estate, accountant

Master of Christian Counseling

Christian counselor, marriage and family counselor, therapy ministry, church staff member and pastoral care counseling, counselor in social ministry worker, missionary

Master of Christian Education

Education minister, teacher, missionary, curriculum designer, education director

Master of Church Music

Adjunct faculty, professional performer, musical composer, arranger, minister of local churches

Master of Mission Language with Concentration in TESOL

Language instructor in post-secondary schools, language program developer, language program administrator, English language school director, curriculum developer, translator, English camp director, after-school program director, private tutor

Master of Divinity (M. Div.)

Pastor, chaplain, evangelist, minister of evangelism, minister of education, Christian counselor, teacher/writer, missionary, church planter

Doctor of Ministry in Christian Counseling

Teacher in college and seminary, missionary, chaplain positions, ministry director, department and/or institutional head

Doctor of Ministry in Christian Education

University professor, director of non-profit organizations, educational institution executive, fund-raiser, educational conference speaker/leader

Doctor of Ministry in Mission Studies

University professor, international ministries director, institutional missions coordinator, denominational director, mission strategist

Doctor of Ministry in Pastoral Theology

Pastor, chaplain, missionary, professor, minister of evangelism, minister of education, writer, social work ministry, church planter, minister of missions

Doctor of Church Music

Vocal performer, composer, arranger, choral conductor, professional performer, music professor, music director of school, professional musician in music ministry

Doctor of Christian Leadership

Professor, CEO, professional management, doctor, lawyer, politician, diplomat, senior research worker, pastor, missionary, counselor

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