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President's Welcome

A leader requires continuing education, regardless of the fields he/she is serving in, simply because he/she should be able to read the time ahead of followers. For leadership in the twenty-first century, all relevant education and training acquired to date are just insufficient for effective leadership.

In today’s world of incessant changes, it is imperative to have responsibility and a healthy family; only with such subsequent qualities as knowledge, heart, spirit and leadership, can we dare celebrate the diversity and union in Christ.

We are here to challenge the world with educational programs characterized by vision, honesty and faithfulness, like Joseph who wholeheartedly trusted in God in his times of undeserving pains and hardships; like Paul, we also are to do our best for the timely missions granted by God with thanksgivings. We are committed to build such important leadership that contributes to the enhancement of nations and societies by being valuable lights and salt for the world we live in.

God Bless you.

James Song, Ph.D.
Midwest University
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