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Types of Resources
A. General Circulation Materials.

The bulk of the Midwest University library collection is included in the general circulation. These include materials which may be checked out of the library by patrons, subject to the guidelines that apply. Most of the items in this category are books shelved on the stacks according to the Dewey decimal system.
Library Materials are catalogued in the online catalog database. Library personnel are available during hours of operation to assist patrons in locating and checking out such materials.
Patrons may retrieve these materials from the shelves, but should not reshelve items. In addition to ensuring the proper reshelving of general circulation materials, this practice will allow the staff to note damaged items on a more regular basis and will allow more accurate evaluation of the usage demands of the items in the collection.

B. Reference Materials.

The Midwest University library also maintains a helpful collection of reference materials including atlases, encyclopedias (including specialized encyclopedias such as encyclopedias of the Bible), dictionaries, statistical and demographic studies, concordances, standard commentary sets, periodical guides, and the like. Reference materials will not be allowed to circulate. Faculty members may request, subject to the approval of the head librarian, the use of certain reference materials for a particular class period, but the materials must be returned immediately at the close of that class session, and the head librarian is not obligated to honor every such request.
One of the library staff will be assigned the particular responsibility of assisting patrons with reference needs. This staff member will be familiar with the reference materials available in the Midwest University library and should be able to direct patrons to additional resources online or elsewhere should those be required.

C. Reserved Materials.

The Midwest University library maintains a group of items identified by professors to be available to students as reserved materials. Access to these items is limited in order to provide fair sharing of resources by multiple patrons. These items are collected promptly after faculty requests and are shelved in a separate location accessible only to library personnel.
Items on reserve may be used in the library only. They may be checked out overnight, but must be returned within the first hour the library is open. Fines for reserved materials returned late will be significantly higher than those assigned for circulating items returned late.

D. Journals and Newspapers

The Midwest University library maintains a collection of local newspapers and of scholarly journals, which include current research in the various emphases of the degree programs of Midwest University. Current and recent issues of these items are shelved separately, in alphabetical order. These items are not to be checked out of the library. Professors who wish to use articles from these items in their classes are encouraged to assign the material to students as reading requirements. The students may read them in the library and may copy material subject to copyright laws.
Students are encouraged to set aside time during their education to read current journals in their field of interest. Occasional time spent reading these materials will make the student aware of current trends in the field, and will acquaint the student with significant journals in the field.

E. Restricted Access Materials.

The Midwest University library maintains a small collection of audio-visual equipment and of computer hardware and software which can be made available on a limited basis for student presentations (on campus only) or for faculty presentations and teaching assignments.
Midwest University faculty who are making off campus presentations or are teaching off campus can borrow audio visual or electronic equipment subject to written approval by the Vice President of Academic Affairs.
Requests for audiovisual materials must be made in writing at least one week ahead of the date they are needed. The patron should sign out the equipment from the library on a form provided by the librarian. Each request should be approved in writing by the librarian.
Requests for the use of audio and electronic equipment will be handled on a first-come first-served basis with priority given to faculty teaching assignments, then faculty presentations, then student and staff needs.
The patron who requests audio or electronic equipment is responsible for picking up the equipment and for returning it promptly to the Midwest University library. Equipment which is used on campus must be returned immediately after the end of the presentation or class session. Equipment used off-campus must be returned immediately upon the return of the faculty member to the Midwest University campus.

F. Electronic Databases.

Midwest University will subscribe to various databases, some online and some for library use only. Students will be made aware of these databases through orientation sessions and various other means of communication. Training in the use of these databases will also be available.

G. Interlibrary Loan

Every effort will be made to secure interlibrary loan for items requested by students. All copyright laws of the United States government will be observed and obeyed. Students will be responsible for all costs incurred with the interlibrary loan process and will be responsible for any and all fines should any be applicable.
To apply for an interlibrary loan see the librarian or one of the assistants for the proper forms. All required information must be supplied before the process of interlibrary loan can begin.

H. Software

For the computerization of its system, Midwest University Library has already established an on-line database system, SPECTRUM for Internet network.

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