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The University policy on tuition and fee refunds for students withdrawing from the University, whether voluntarily or by dismissal, is set forth below. Written notification of withdrawal must be submitted to the business office.

Cancellation :
Refunds for residential students who withdraw after tuition has been paid, but prior to the first day of classes, will be refunded 100% of tuition.

After the beginning of classes, refunds will be calculated as follows :

- Traditional Semester

1. 1st Week 90%
2. 3rd Week 70%
3. 5th Week 50%
4. 7th Week 30%
5. After 7th Week No Refund

- Non-Traditional Semester (8 Week Module)

1. 1st Week 90%
2. 2nd Week 70%
3. 3rd Week 50%
4. 4th Week 30%
5. After 4th Week No Refund
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