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The mission of the English as a Second Language program at Midwest University is to give students an opportunity to develop and improve English proficiency. The multi-level offerings will attempt to enhance student abilities in relaxed, formal, cultural and academic venues.


Upon completing this certificate program, students will be able to:

1. Exhibit a broad base of knowledge of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and grammar skills in English.
2. Successfully adapt to the American culture by applying knowledge gained in the classroom.
3. Demonstrate the ability to communicate with other students and faculty on increasingly sophisticated levels.

Students may achieve twelve (12) transcript notation credits each semester, which do not affect either their GPA or the total number of credits needed to complete their academic studies.

Admission Requirements
1. Application form for admission
2. $100.00 non-refundable application fee
3. A high school diploma or GED
4. Two recent photographs (for student ID)

ESL Program Core Courses
9 Credit Hours (Select 3 courses)
Level I
ESL 101 Listening and Speaking [Description] 3
ESL 102 Reading [Description] 3
ESL 103 Writing [Description] 3
ESL 104 Grammar [Description] 3
Level II
ESL 201 Listening and Speaking [Description] 3
ESL 202 Reading [Description] 3
ESL 203 Writing [Description] 3
ESL 204 Grammar [Description] 3
Level III
ESL 301 Listening and Speaking [Description] 3
ESL 302 Reading [Description] 3
ESL 303 Writing [Description] 3
ESL 304 Grammar [Description] 3
Electives 3 Credit Hours (Select 1 course)
ESL 001 Intensive Pronunciation Study [Description] 3
ESL 011 Introduction to American Culture [Description] 3
ESL 021 Current Events [Description] 3
ESL 031 TOEFL Preparation [Description] 3
ESL 041 English for Ministry [Description] 3
Total 12 Credit Hours
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