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The purpose of the Master of Arts in Counseling program is to prepare students to serve as professional counselors in a variety of areas of mental health. This degree provides the academic and practical requirement to prepare for state licensure.


Upon completing this degree, students will be able to:

1. Understand and demonstrate a variety of theories of counseling and apply the knowledge in the therapeutic environment.
2. Understand and develop personal identities, professional issues, and ethics as a counselors.
3. Apply a personal therapeutic approach in the context of the counseling environment to help people resolve behavioral, relational, and spiritual issues and problems.
Core Courses 24 Credit Hours (Select 8 Courses)
CO 501 Survey of Counseling [Description] 3
CO 503 Psycho Pathology [Description] 3
CO 505 Counseling and Personality Psychology [Description] 3
CO 523 Marriages and Family Counseling I [Description] 3
CO 524 Testing and Assessment in Psychology [Description] 3
CO 525 Basic Skills in Counseling [Description] 3
CO 526 Counselor Professional Identity, Function, and Ethics [Description] 3
CO 527 Group Counseling [Description] 3
CO 528 Cross Cultural Counseling [Description] 3
CO 530 Human Growth and Development [Description] 3
Concentration Courses 12 Credit Hours (Select 4 courses)
  <Marriage and Family>
CO 611 Family Systems and Theory [Description] 3
CO 612 Couple Interaction and Counseling [Description] 3
CO 613 Crisis Counseling [Description] 3
CO 614 Human Sexuality and Counseling [Description] 3
CO 630 Addiction and Substance Abuse [Description] 3

  <School Counseling>
CO 620 School Counseling [Description] 3
CO 621 Therapy with Children and Adolescents [Description] 3
CO 624 Career Counseling [Description] 3
CO 630 Addiction and Substance Abuse [Description] 3
Free Electives 6 Credit Hours
Internship Courses 6 Credit Hours
CO 625 Counseling Internship I [Description] 3
CO 626 Counseling Internship II [Description] 3
  * required
Total 48
CO 504 Research and Statistics** [Description] 3
CO 627 Counseling Practicum** [Description] 3
CO 628 Counseling Internship III** [Description] 3
  ** required for licensure
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