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The Master of Arts in Education program is designed to prepare students to serve as educational ministers in a church-based ministry and world mission


Upon completing this degree, students will be able to:

Articulate the philosophy of Christian Education based on biblical, theological, educational, psychological, socio-cultural foundations and evaluate educational theory and practice pertain to such philosophy.
Demonstrate the understanding and application regarding educational principles in teaching, organizing, and administrating the programs.
Demonstrate the application of principles toward curriculum design and teaching methodology, with emphasis in developmentally-appropriate and culture sensitive aspects.
Core Courses 15 Credit Hours (Select 5 courses)
NT 501 Survey of New Testament * [Description] 3
NT 705 Theology of Paul [Description] 3
OT 501 Survey of Old Testament * [Description] 3
OT 503 Pentateuch [Description] 3
CH 501 History of the Christian Church [Description] 3
CH 623 History of Christian Doctrines [Description] 3
EV 520 Personal Evan. and Dis. Training [Description] 3
MI 621 Christian Mission and World Religion [Description] 3
ET 601 Biblical Ethics [Description] 3
TH 521 Systematic Theology I [Description] 3
CL 602 Survey of Christian Leadership [Description] 3
PR 611 Survey of Biblical Preaching [Description] 3
CM 534 Church Music in Contemporary Culture [Description] 3
CC 502 Survey of Christian Counseling [Description] 3
Concentration Courses 24 Credit Hours
CE 501 Survey of Christian Education [Description] 3
CE 502 Preschool/Childhood Christian Education [Description] 3
CE 504 Adolescent Christian Education [Description] 3
CE 506 Adult Christian Education [Description] 3
CE 603 History and Philosophy of Christian Education [Description] 3
CE 605 Theology of Christian Education [Description] 3
CE 610 Teaching Methodology [Description] 3
CE 615 Curriculum Development in Christian Education [Description] 3
  * required
Internship Courses 3 Credit Hours
PT 625 Christian Ministry Internship [Description] 1.5
PT 626 Christian Ministry Internship [Description] 1.5
Free Electives 3 Credit Hours
Capstone Course 3 Credit Hours
CP 690 Capstone [Description] 3
Total 48
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