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The purpose of Arts in Music is to educate students as Christian musicians based on evangelical spirituality and a Christian worldview from the word of God . Furthermore, the program will equip individuals to become professional musicians with high training in music according to their various applied areas from classical to contemporary, enabling students to obtain a profession in music for ministry and churches.


Upon completing this degree, students will be able to:

1. Apply the ability of a professional performer through deeper training in their own applied areas such as voice, piano, composition, conducting. other instruments and guitar, bass guitar, percussion, vocal as well as keyboard in Contemporary Christian music.

2. Assume the roles and duties as leaders in local community or church through classic or contemporary music.

3. Exhibit preparations for the Christian ministry in theological and pastoral dimensions.

4. Demonstrate a strong theological knowledge and the principles of biblical interpretation.

Admission Requirements

1. Application form for admission

2. $100.00 non-refundable application fee

3. A brief autobiographical statement

4. Official transcript appropriate for the program

   A. Bachelor’s degree in either Music or Church Music, or its equivalent from an accredited institution.

   B. 3.0 out of 4.0 grade point average (GPA)

5. Audition

Students who are applying for the Degree of Master of Arts in Music should audition in their applied areas by submitting a DVD of recorded material, along with their admission application to the Admission committee for the decision of admission.

An applicant for the MCM whose bachelor’s degree was in a different applied area will be required to take three bachelor level courses and a bachelor’s graduate recital for the same BR in CM applied area. The graduate recital requirement may be waived if the applicant wants to complete four applied area courses.

If the prospective students decide to follow the admission policy regarding taking a prerequisite four courses of applied as a pre-MCM study, they will not need to be required to follow the audition procedure.

For more information, they may refer to the direction the Department of Music offers.

6. Application Essay

7. Recommendation from church pastor or former teacher

8. Two recent photographs (for student ID).

Graduation Requirements

1. The student must successfully complete a prescribed course of study with a minimum of 3.00 (B) grade point average on a 4.00 scale.

2. The awarding of a “C” in a Master course constitutes a failure (unsuccessful completion of the course).

3. The student must pass a comprehensive examination. The student can take the exam 2 times if they fail it first. The opportunity to retake the exam will be held after minimum one month later in semester.

4. The student must effectively complete MCM recital for graduation.

5. The Christian Service Program requirement must be complete for graduation.

6. Prior to graduation the student must meet all financial obligations to the institution.

Core Courses 12 Credit Hours (Select 4 courses)
CC 502 Survey of Christian Counseling [Description] 3
CE 501 Survey of Christian Education [Description] 3
CH 501 History of the Christian Church [Description] 3
CL 602 Survey of Christian Leadership [Description] 3
ET 601 Biblical Ethics [Description] 3
EV 520 Personal Evan. and Dis. Training [Description] 3
MI 621 Christian Mission and World Religion [Description] 3
NT 501 Survey of New Testament * [Description] 3
OT 501 Survey of Old Testament * [Description] 3
TH 521 Systematic Theology I [Description] 3
Applied Core Courses 12 Credit Hours
CM 511 Applied Area I [Description] 3
CM 512 Applied Area II [Description] 3
CM 513 Applied Area III [Description] 3
CM 518 Graduate Recital [Description] 3
Church Music Courses 15 Credit Hours
CM 509 Church Music History [Description] 3
CM 510 Church Hymnology [Description] 3
CM 534 Church Music in Contemporary Culture [Description] 3
CM 603 Contemporary Christian Music [Description] 3
CM 605 Introduction to Music Ministry [Description] 3
CM 610 Comprehensive Exam [Description] 3
Internship Courses 3 Credit Hours
PT 625 Christian Ministry Internship [Description] 1.5
PT 626 Christian Ministry Internship [Description] 1.5
Free Elective 3 Credit Hours
Graduation Capstones 3 Credit Hours
CP 690 Capstone [Description] 3
Total 48
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