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MASTER OF ARTS IN Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages(TESOL)


In response to the ever-increasing worldwide demand for English language instruction, the mission of Master of Arts in TESOL is to provide students with the skills to create and deliver a high-quality learning environment and to enable Christian adults to teach English to speakers of other languages with the heart of a servant leader. The program will equip the students to apply such skills in any ESL/EFL setting abroad.


Upon completing this degree, students will be able to:

1. Apply Christian education to all teaching and learning situations of English language study.
2. Demonstrate a base of knowledge, both theoretical and practical, which will form the foundation for successful teaching of the English language.
3. Create a quality instructional program and apply principles learned in their studies.
4. Design and employ comprehensive language learning programs which may be delivered in varied venues.
Requirements for Admission to the Master of Arts in TESOL Degree Program:

Applicants to this program must possess a Bachelor’s degree and demonstrate the ability of the English language. For non-native speakers of English, a Bachelor’s degree and a TOEFL (or equivalent assessment) score of 550 and above or Institution English proficiency exam, and the ability to clearly articulate the English language, which will be determined in an oral interview, are required.


Core Courses 9 Credits Hours (Select 3 Courses)
CE 501 Survey of Christian Education* [Description] 3
CE 502 Preschool/Childhood Christain Education [Description] 3
CE 504 Adolescent Christian Education [Description] 3
CE 506 Adult Christian Education [Description] 3
CE 603 History and Philosophy of Christian Education [Description] 3
CE 605 Theology of Christian Education [Description] 3
MI 606 Foundations of Intercultural Communications [Description] 3
MI 607 Global and Multicultural Education [Description] 3
Concentration Courses 24 Credits Hours (Select 8 Courses)
ML 501 Principles of Linguistics* [Description] 3
ML 502 Second Language Acquisition [Description] 3
ML 503 Theoretical Foundations of TESOL Methodology [Description] 3
ML 504 Principles of ESL/EFL Assessment [Description] 3
ML 505 Curriculum and Materials Development [Description] 3
ML 506 Classroom Management and Observation [Description] 3
ML 507 Teaching Grammar [Description] 3
ML 508 Teaching Reading and Writing [Description] 3
ML 509 Teaching Pronunciation [Description] 3
ML 510 Internship** [Description] 3
ML 511 Second Language Acquisition Research [Description] 3
ML 512 Topics in Language and Culture [Description] 3
ML 513 Cultural Issues in ESL/EFL Classroom [Description] 3
Capstone Course 3 Credit Hours
CP 690 Capstone [Description] 3
  * Required
  ** Required(Prerequisite: completion of five ML courses in any order)
Total 36
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