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The Doctor of Church Music is designed to provide qualified students the opportunity to achieve a high level of excellence in the practice of ministry.


Upon completing this concentration, Students will be able to:

Enhance the practice of ministry, gaining a high level of competency in its fields
Refine the academic ability of the theological and biblical knowledge for the excellence in ministry
Formulate a comprehensive and critical theory of ministry
Demonstrate an advanced understanding and integration of ministry in relation to the biblical, theological, academic, and pastoral disciplines
5. Evidence a biblical philosophy of church music and understanding of music ministry
Be equipped with the in-depth study in the theological knowledge of church music
7. Demonstrate the specialized skills in their concentration areas for music ministry areas
Demonstrate the ability to serve as a church music leader and teacher to enhance schools and other ministry areas
Core Courses 6 Credit Hours (Select 2 courses)
CC 843 Current Issues in Counseling and Psychology [Description] 3
CE 817 Present Issues in Christian Education [Description] 3
CL 812 Spiritual Christian Leadership [Description] 3
MI 816 Mission Perspectives [Description] 3
PT 820 Theology of Ministry [Description] 3
PT 830 Doctoral Practicum in Ministry [Description] 3
Applied Core Courses 9 Credit Hours (Select 3 courses)
CM 811 Doctoral Applied Area I [Description] 3
CM 812 Doctoral Applied Area II [Description] 3
CM 813 Doctoral Applied Area III [Description] 3
CM 818 Doctoral Recital* [Description] 3
  * required
Church Music 15 Credit Hours (Select 5 courses)
CM 803 Church Music Administration [Description] 3
CM 806 Music in Mission [Description] 3
CM 810 Seminar in Music in Worship [Description] 3
CM 819 Doctoral Seminar in Analysis** [Description] 3
CM 827 Church Music and Literature [Description] 3

CM 830 A Philosophy of Church Music

[Description] 3
Free Electives 6 Credit Hours
Dissertation 9 Credit Hours
RS 806 Dissertation Research Seminar [Description] 3
RS 808 Dissertation [Description] 6
Capstone Course 3 Credit Hours
CP 890 Capstone [Description] 3
Total 48
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