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  The Doctor of Christian Leadership is designed to provide qualified students the opportunity to achieve a high level of excellence in the practice of ministry.


Upon completing this concentration, students will be able to:

Enhance the practice of ministry, gaining a high level of competency in its fields
Refine the academic ability of the theological and biblical knowledge for the excellence in ministry
Formulate a comprehensive and critical theory of ministry
Demonstrate an advanced understanding and integration of ministry in relation to the biblical, theological, academic, and pastoral disciplines
5. Articulate theories on Christian leadership and demonstrate the proficiency to develop the skills in Christian leadership
Refine one’s thinking about strategies for effective leadership
Reflect on the essential intermingling of leadership and spiritual formation in corporate Christian contexts
Evidence the Christ-like character worthy of being emulated and whose integrity impacts credibility for successful ministry
Core Courses 9 Credit Hours (Select 3 courses)
BS 801 Biblical Studies [Description] 3
CC 843 Current Issues in Counseling and Psychology [Description] 3
CE 817 Present Issues in Christian Education [Description] 3
CL 812 Spiritual Christian Leadership [Description] 3
MI 816 Mission Perspectives [Description] 3
PT 820 Theology of Ministry [Description] 3
PT 830 Doctoral Practicum in Ministry [Description] 3
Concentration Courses 21 Credit Hours (Select 7 courses)
CL 801 General Theories on Leadership [Description] 3
CL 803 Essential Traits of Leadership [Description] 3
CL 804 Vision and Goal-setting in Christian Leadership [Description] 3
CL 805 Global Christian Leadership in Management [Description] 3
CL 810 Global Strategic Leadership [Description] 3
CL 813 The Leader as Agent and Guide [Description] 3
CL 814 Communication and Decision Making [Description] 3
CL 815 Global Dimensions of Leadership Today and in the Future [Description] 3
CL 816 The Human Focus of Leadership [Description] 3
CL 817 Global Futures & System Dynamics [Description] 3
Free Electives 6 Credit Hours
Dissertation 9 Credit Hours
RS 806 Dissertation Research Seminar [Description] 3
RS 808 Dissertation [Description] 6
Capstone Course 3 Credit Hours
CP 890 Capstone [Description] 3
Total 48
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