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핸드북-Library Handbook

The Library administration of Midwest University has developed the following library handbook to describe the mission and objectives of the library, to delineate for the patrons of the library the policies concerning usage and circulation, and to acquaint the patrons with the major kinds of resources available to patrons.

This handbook contains three main sections.

->The first section contains basic library information such as location, hours of operations, the Library mission statement, and the objectives and goals of the library.

-> The second section contains a basic description of the resources available in the library. This section describes the general circulation materials, the resources on reserve, and the special collections in the library.

-> The third section describes the policies which govern behavior in the library, patron privileges (including circulation), and patron responsibilities.

A copy of this handbook is available online for all to read. A print copy will be made available to students, faculty and administration upon request.




Ⅰ. Basic operation to the library
A. Basic Library Information
B. Library Mission Statement
C. Objectives and Goals
Ⅱ. Llibrary resources
A. General Circulation Materials
B. Reference Materials
C. Reserved Materials
D. Journals & Newspapers
E. Restricted Access materials
F. Electronic Databases
G. Interlibrary Loan
A. Who are the library patrons
B. Basic Library behavior expected
C. Privileges of library patrons
D. Responsibilities of library patrons

Welcome to the Midwest University Library. We look forward to working with you as you pursue God’s direction, especially as that pursuit involves your educational and intellectual development. We see our ministry as becoming co-workers with you as you develop the skills and knowledge which will prepare you for the particular lifetime of service in the Kingdom of God which lies ahead for you.

A. Basic Library Information.

The library is now located in the Library Building of the Midwest University, 851 Parr Rd., Wentzville, MO 63385. It is a fully functional library with beautiful new furniture and several computers for our students use. At present, the hours of operation for the library are Monday through Friday, (9:00 AM through 4:30 PM). Extended hours are offered during seminars and will be posted. The hours of operation are reviewed by the Academic Affairs Committee and changed when necessary. The following persons are useful contacts for library information:

Chartte Bradshaw, MLS
Director of Library Service
(636) 327-4645
Hyun Shim, Jang (MLS)
Director of Library
(636) 327-4645
Dr. Myeong Hwan Oh
Academic Dean
(636) 327-4645

B. Library Mission Statement

The Midwest University Library is an integral component of the Midwest University and is guided by its mission statement. Midwest University Library will support and enhance the curriculum of the University and will provide resources for the intellectual and spiritual growth of its patrons through traditional means and state of the art technology. The library personnel to guide, to assist, and serve as a catalyst for the research, education, and information needs of the patrons.

C. Objectives and Goals

The following goals and objectives of the Midwest University Library are more specific ways in which the library will carry out the fulfillment of the Midwest University Library mission statement:

The Midwest University Library will be characterized by Biblical and Christian standards in its entire operation.

The Midwest University Library will maintain a collection to support its curriculum and meet the needs of its patrons..

The Midwest University Library staff will provide assistance for research and teaching.

The Midwest University Library will employ employees who are both competent and personable. The Director of Library of Services shall hold an MLS or MIS degree from an ALA accredited school or equivalent.

The Midwest University Library will become a state-of-the-art collegiate library in its use of computer and internet technologies.

The Midwest University Library will maintain two percent annual growth rate in the number of items added to its collection.

The Midwest University Library will adhere to the financial policies of Midwest University and the financial guidelines established by our accrediting agency.



The library contains many different kinds of items available for patron use. Currently the library has approximately 33,000 items including audio visual materials, electronic databases, monographs, anthologies, collections of scholarly essays, reference works, journals, and Midwest University theses and dissertations. These materials are available for patron use subject to the guidelines of the library outlined elsewhere in this handbook. The materials are grouped into four categories of materials according to their level of access for patrons.

A. General Circulation Materials

The bulk of the library collection is included in the general circulation. These materials include items which may be checked out of the library by patrons subject to the guidelines given elsewhere in this handbook. Most of the items in this category are books shelved in the stacks according to the Dewey Decimal System.

These items are catalogued in the online catalog database. Library personnel are available during hours of operation to assist patrons in locating and checking out such materials.

Patrons may retrieve these materials from the shelves, but should not reshelve items. In addition to ensuring the proper reshelving of general circulation materials, this practice will allow the staff to note damaged items on a more regular basis and will allow more accurate evaluation of the usage demands of the items in the collection.

B. Reference Materials

The library also maintains a helpful collection of reference materials including atlases, encyclopedias, specialized encyclopedias such as encyclopedias of the Bible, dictionaries, statistical and demographic studies, concordances, standard commentary sets, periodical guides, and the like. Reference materials will not be allowed to circulate. Faculty members may request, subject to the approval of the Director of Library Services, the use of certain reference materials for a particular class period, but the materials must be returned immediately at the close of that class session, and the Director of Library Services is not obligated to honor every such request.

One of the library staff will be assigned the particular responsibility of assisting patrons with reference needs. This staff member will be familiar with the reference materials available in the library and should be able to direct patrons to additional resources online or elsewhere should those be required.

C. Reserved Materials

The library maintains a group of items identified by professors to be available to students as reserved materials. Access to these items is limited in order to provide fair sharing of resources by multiple patrons. These items are collected promptly after faculty requests and are shelved in a separate location accessible only to library personnel.

Items on reserve may be used in the library only. They may be checked out overnight, but must be returned within the first hour the library is open. Fines (if assigned) for reserved materials returned late will be significantly higher than those assigned for circulating items returned late. Failure to return reserve materials could result in the loss of library privileges.

D. Journals and Newspapers

The library maintains a collection of local newspapers and of scholarly journals, which include current research in the various emphases of the degree programs offered. Current and recent issues of these items are shelved separately, in alphabetical order. These items are not to be checked out of the library. Professors who wish to use articles from these items in their classes are encouraged to assign the material to students as reading requirements. The students may read them in the library and may copy material subject to copyright laws.

Students are encouraged to set aside time during their education to read current journals in their field of interest. Occasional time spent reading these materials will make the student aware of current trends in the field, and will acquaint the student with significant journals in the field.

E. Restricted Access Materials

The library maintains a small collection of audio-visual materials.

Requests for the use of audio-visual equipment is made through the IT department. Maintenance of this equipment is also handled by that department.

Computers are available in the library for student use as well as wireless capability so students can use their own personal computers.

F. Electronic Databases

Midwest University will subscribe to various databases, some online and some for library use only. Students will be made aware of these databases through orientation sessions and various other means of communication. Training in the use of these databases will also be available. Students in good standing, faculty and staff can obtain the necessary passwords by contacting the library.

G. Interlibrary Loan

Every effort will be made to secure interlibrary loans for items requested by students. All copyright laws of the United States government will be observed and obeyed. Students will be responsible for all costs incurred with the interlibrary loan process and will be responsible for any and all fines should any be applicable.

To apply for an interlibrary loan see the Director of Library Services or one of the assistants for the proper forms. All required information must be supplied before the process of interlibrary loan can begin.


A. Who are the Midwest University library patrons

The library serves several different kinds of library patrons. The following paragraphs each describe a portion of the library patrons and outline the unique circulation policies, which pertain to that category. In case of multiple requests for the same resource, the requests will be honored in the order in which the patrons are discussed below and then in the order in which the request is made.

Faculty who are teaching courses at Midwest University(or who have signed a contract to teach beginning no more than 3 months in the future) may borrow general circulation items in accordance with established circulation rules for faculty. In addition, they may continue to renew circulation as long as another patron has not requested the material.

Faculty who are teaching courses might be able to procure certain reference items and other restricted library resources for use in classes, but these arrangements have to be made in writing with the library director, and the materials are not to leave the campus and must be returned immediately after the close of the class session that day. The Director of Library Services is not obligated to honor such requests.

Faculty who are not currently teaching classes may borrow items from the library in accordance with the established circulation procedures outlined elsewhere in this manual. These patrons may renew their resources twice unless otherwise noted in the circulation policy for those items.

Students who are currently taking classes may borrow items from the library in accordance with the established circulation procedures outlined elsewhere in this manual. These students may renew their borrowed items twice unless otherwise noted in the circulation policy for those items.

Distance students will be allowed 6 extra working days of circulation time from the library in order to allow for shipping. Materials to be returned must be postmarked on the due date.

Staff may borrow items from the library in accordance with the established circulation procedures outlined elsewhere in this manual. These patrons may renew their borrowed items twice unless otherwise noted in the circulation policy for those items.

Special library patrons may borrow items in accordance with the established circulation procedures outlined elsewhere in this manual. These patrons may renew items one time. In addition, if any student or faculty requests a resource which has been borrowed by a special library patron, that patron must return said resource to the library within 2 working days of the request or within 5 working days of the request if the patron is returning the resource by mail.

B. Basic Library Behavior Expected

Library patrons are expected to abide by the same behavior expected of the patrons of any library. Patrons should work quietly, should engage in a minimum of personal discussion, and should be respectful of the needs of the library staff and other patrons in terms of space to study, access to library materials, and so forth.

In addition, the following specific requirements will be observed. Patrons repeatedly violating these guidelines will be reprimanded formally by library staff and may be asked to leave the premises if the problem persists. In extreme cases patron usage can be suspended for a period of time to be determined by the Director of Library Services, in consultation with the Academic Dean or the Dean of Student Affairs.

1. No open containers of food or drink of any kind is to be allowed into the library.
2. Audible electronic equipment is permitted in the library as long as headphones are used and it is not disturbing to other patrons. Patrons who are using portable computers should turn off the sound.
3. Patrons are requested to step outside the library to use their cell phones.
4. Patrons should handle library materials with care. Pages should not be bent. Patrons should not write in library materials. When copying materials patrons should take care not to damage the spines.
5. Patrons should return items to the library in the condition in which those materials existed when checked out.

C. Privileges of Library Patrons

Library patrons are able to check out general circulation materials according to the following guidelines. Bachelor degree students may check out a maximum of 5 books for 21 days. Masters degree students may check out a maximum of 5 books for 21 days. Doctorate degree students may check out a maximum of 7 books for 21 days. Faculty may check out a maximum of 10 books for 30 days. Staff may check out 5 books for 21 days. ESL students may check out 3 books for 21 days. Materials may be renewed twice. Patrons needing materials beyond these time limits may seek special permission from the Director of Library Services.

Library patrons are welcome to use the resources of the library at any time during regular hours of operation. Hours of operation will be posted and are subject to change to accommodate our students and staff.

A copy machine and printers are available for use in the library. Charges for these services will be made and may be changed without notice. The amount of charge per page for printing or copying will be posted in the library.

Library patrons are entitled to prompt, informed, pleasant assistance from the library staff upon request.

D. Responsibilities of Library patrons

Patrons are expected to abide by the general guidelines outlined above in this handbook.

In addition, library patrons are expected to treat the library staff with due courtesy and respect. Library patrons should be reminded that the Director of Library Services is a member of the faculty with the full privileges and responsibilities pertaining thereunto. The Director of Library Services should be treated as a colleague by other faculty and with the respect due a faculty member by the other patrons of the library.

Library patrons are expected to handle the library resources including materials in the collection, the physical plant of the library, the furniture, and the equipment with appropriate care.

Fines may be established by the library committee with approval of the Academic Affairs Committee. The amount of these fines will be published and posted in the library. Library patrons are expected to pay any assigned fines in a timely manner. Students will not be allowed to enroll for additional studies if library fines remain unpaid. After the completion of coursework, a student will not officially graduate, nor may a transcript be provided until all financial obligations to have been resolved including library fines.

Midwest University reserves the right to charge a library fee which will need to be paid in accordance with all other financial obligations.

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