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Bae, Min A, D. Min.

Christian Education

B.Ed., Hansin University, 1988
M.Ed., Ewha Women’s University, 1993
M.Div., Midwest University, 2004
D. Min in Christian Education, Midwest University, 2006
Experience: Manager, Korea Council of Christian Education, 1996-present; Teacher of Religion, Eun Kwang Girl’s High School, 1994-1996.

Jun, Chan Won, D. Min.

Christian Counseling

B.A., Yonsei University, Soongsil University, 1964
M.Div., Presbyterian Theological College & Seminary, 1966
M.A., Yonsei University, 1980
D.Min., Fuller Theological Seminary, 1983
Diploma, Princeton Theological Seminary, 1990
M.Ed. in Theology, Asian Center for Theological Studies, 2003
Experience: Pastor, Han Sung Presbyterian Church, 1989-present; Korean Director, Association of International Christian Counseling (AICC), 1994; Member, American Association of Christian Counseling (AACC), 1994; Member, American Association of Pastoral Counseling (AAPC), 1994; Lt. Colonel in the American Military, Chaplain and Counseling Professor, 1980-1983; Military Administration School, 1980-1991.

Kang, Joann B., Ph. D.

General Education, English, TESOL

B.A., English Education, Sung Shin Women's University,
1980, Teaching certificate
M.A., English Linguistics, Korea University, 1983
Ph. D., English Linguistics, Korea University, 1997
Experience: English instructor, Korea University, 1983-1997; Visiting Scholar, University of Hawaii, 1997-1999; Director, JEI Learning Center, Lake Forest, 2001-2003; Assistant Director, Ivy College Prep LLC, 2005-2009.

Kiehne, Rolfe E. , M. Ed.


B.A., German, English, University of Missouri-Columbia, 1964
M. Ed., Educational Program Design and Development,University of Missouri-Columbia, 1966
Experience: Instructor of English as a Second Language, Midwest University, 2005-present; Program Developer and Interim Director, Ombudsman Educational Services, 2002-2005; Instructor and Department Chairman in Language Arts and Foreign Languages, Ferguson-Florissant School District, 1966-1997.

Kim, Dae Gweon, D.M.A.

Composition, Music Theory, Music Ministry

B.A., Chong-Shin University, 1986.
M.M., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1996.
D.M.A., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2001.
Experience: Chong Shin University and Graduate School, 2001-2008; Christian Music College, 2001-2008; Baek-Seok University Graduate School, 2003-2008; Seoul Christian University, 2006-2008; Seoul Jan-Shin University Graduate School, 2006-2008; Kukje International College of Arts, 2006; Praise Art Theology College, 2004; YonSei University, Extension, 2004.
Publications: A Philosophy of Church Music, Amended Revised Version (Joon-Ang Art, 2008); Worship and Music: for Worshipper’s Renewal and Worship Leadership, Revised Version, (GriSim, 2008); Choral Anthem Book I for Worship (Joong-Ang Art, 2006); Choral Hymn Arrangements for worship (Joong-Ang Art, 2003); Gloria for Sop. Solo, Mixed Chorus and Orchestra (Joong-Ang Art, 2002); Choral Arrangements for Worship (Yee Chan Music, 2000); The Anthem of Psalms (Hosanna Music, 1999); Gospel Hymn Arrangements for Worship I-IV (Sing Koinonia, 1989-1994); Cantata, Seven Last Words on the Cross (Hosanna Music, 1986).

Lee, Hee Cheol, Ph.D.

Computer Science

B.S., Kyungpook National University, 1995
M.E., Kyungpook National University, 1997
Ph.D., Computer Engineering, Kyungpook National University, 2001
M.Div., Midwest University, 2012
Experience: IT Director, Midwest University, 2009-present; Professor, Huree University in Mongolia, 2004-2009;
Techno Peace Corps member, KICOS 2007-2009; Senior Researcher, ETRI, 2002-2004.
Programming Skill: C, Java, Assembly Language, C#, Visual Basic, Visual C++, COBOL, Web Programming (CGI, ASP, PHP) Server Programming in Linux, FreeBSD Unix, System Programming (Windows, Linux).
Published Papers: “IPv4/IPv6 Transition Mechanism Based on IPv6 Network: DSTM,” “A Flexible Transition Scheme within a Dual Stack Host in IPv4/IPv6 Coexistence Phase”

Lim, Chong Woo, D. Min.

Biblical Studies

B.A., Jun Ju University, 1993
M.Div., Chong Sin University, 1998 (24 credit hours in New Testament)
D.Min in Pastoral Theology, Midwest University, 2006
Experience: Adjunct Professor, Midwest University, 2007-Present; Japanese Teacher, KimJe High, South Korea, 1993-1994; Pastor, Fellowship Church, 2003-Present; Pastor, Sungjin Church, South Korea, 1997-2002; Evangelist, Hak Dong Church, South Korea, 1995-1997; Sunday School Teacher, Shin Duck Central Church, Kimje, South Korea, 1988-1993; Sunday School Teacher, Wal Chon Central Church, Kimje, South Korea, 1985-1988.

Oh, Myeong Hwan, Ph.D.

Old Testament/Theology

B.S., Chungbuk National University, 1981
M.S., Chungbuk National University, 1983
M.Div., Korean Baptist Theological Seminary, 1993
Th.M., New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, 2001
Ph.D., New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, 2005
Experience: Adjunct Instructor, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, 2003-2005; Pastor, Calvary Korean Baptist Church, 2004-2005; Teacher, Cheungju Ilsin Girl’s High School, 1981-1990.

Park, Mila, Ph.D.

Christian Education

B.A., Sungkyul University, 1994
M.A.C.E., New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, 1997
Th.M., New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, 2004
Ph.D., New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, 2004
Experience: Advisor of Korean Chruches Convention, 2005-present; Director of Eunpyung Christian Counseling Center, 2005-present; Adjunct Professor of Sungkyul University, 2004-present.

Park, Youngsoo, Ph. D.

Business Administration and Leadership

B.A., Sogang University, 1995
M.A., Sogang University, 1997
M.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 2004
Ph.D., The University of Toledo, 2011
Experience: Post-Doc Scholar, University of Toledo, 2012-2013; BIS Project Coordinator, Hyundai MOBIS North America Ohio Plant, 2011-2012

Shin, Jee Young, D.M.A.


B.A., Ewha Womans University, 1992 M.M., Manhattan School of Music, 1994 D.M.A., City University of New York, 2003 Experience: Part time professor, Hansei University, 2006-2007; Part time professor, Ewha Womans University, Soongeui Women’s College, 2003-2007; Part time professor, Ewha Womens University, 2006-2008; Part time professor, Kang-Nam University, 2008-2009; Professor/Dean, Seoul Arts College, 2009-2010; CEO, Universal Music Academy, 2010-Present

Sohn, Damien Sangwoong, Ph.D.

Mission Studies

B.A., Yonsei University, 1973
M.Div., Presbyterian Theological Seminary, 1982
Th. M., Presbyterian Theological Seminary, 1982
Th.M.., Fuller Theological Seminar, 1990
Ph.D., Fuller Theological Seminary, 1998
Experience: Instructor, Virginia Christian University, 2007-Present; Instructor, Washington Theological Seminary, 2006-Present; Instructor, World Mission Theological Seminary, 2006-Present; Professor, KPCA Presbyterian Theological Seminary 1999-2002; Professor, KPCA Presbyterian Theological Seminary, 1984-1992


Part-Time Faculty


Bae, Hyun Soo, D. Min.

Christian Leadership

B.A., Sungkyul Theological Seminary, Seoul Korea, 1985
M.Div., Howard University School of Divinity, Washington D.C.
D.Min, Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, D.C.
Experience: Senior Pastor, Vision Presbyterian Church, VA, 2000-Present; Senior Pastor, Springwater Presbyterian Church, VA, 1991-2000; Associate Pastor, Glen Burnie Korean Presbyterian Church, 1989-1989; Preaching Pastor, Dallas Presbyterian Church, 1988; Associate Pastor, Hwagokdong Presbyterian Church, 1986-1987; Education Driector, Shinjang Presbyterian Church, 1983-1986; Education Director, Bokgi Presbyterian Church, 1982-1983

Bueneman-Cooper, Gina, D.Min.

Christian Counseling

A.A., St. Louis Community College, 1987
B.S., Mercer University, 1990
M.A., Webster University, 1992
D.Min. in Christian Counseling, Midwest University, 2007
Experience: Part Time Instructor, Missouri Baptist University, 1993-present; National Girls Ministry at First Assembly of God, 1990-present; Worship Leader/Musician at First Assembly of God, 2006-present; Sunday School Co-teacher at First Assembly of God, 1999-present; children’s Church Co-leader at First Assembly of God, 1992-2006; Women’s Ministries, 1992-1994, Small Group Ministry Participant at First Assembly of God, 2006-present.

Cho, Grace Young D.M.A.

Church Music Theory

B.A., University of New Orleans, 1998.
M.M., Catholic University of America, 2004.
D.M.A., Catholic University of America, 2008.
Experience: Opera Performance in Catholic University of America, 2006; Summer Opera Theater Company, 2006, 2004; University of New Orleans, 1996-1998; Instructor at Catholic University of America, University of Maryland, University of New Orleans, University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Cho, Yong Kyu, Ph.D.

Old Testament/Theology

A.S., West Valley College, 1986
B.A., , San Jose State University, 1986
M.Div., Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, 1992
Ph.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1998
Experience: Ministerial Experience, 1990-Present; Adjunct Professor, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, KY, 1995-2001; Adjunct Professor, Northern Baptist Theological Seminary, Lombard, IL 1997-2000; Garrett Teaching Fellow, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY 1996-1997

Cho, Young Keun, D.Min.


B.A. Chonbuk National University, 1985
M.Div. Chongshin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, 2002.
Th. M. Liberty Theological Seminary, 2005
D. Min. Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2009
Experience: Executive Manager, Anna Prayer Counseling, Inc., Frederick, MD, 2008-Present Associate Pastor, Sungdojoongang Presbyterian Church, Seoul, Korea, 2000-2003

Choe, An-Sung, Ph.D.

New Testament

B.S., Kyungpook National University, 1980
M.S., Seoul National University, 1982
Ph.D., in Science, Seoul National University, 1990
M. Div., Korean Baptist Theological Seminary, 2001
Th.M., New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, 2008
Ph. D., New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, 2008
Experience: Instructor, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, 2008-2009; Associate Pastor, Korean First Baptist Church of Huntsville, 2010-2010; Senior Pastor, Carbondale Vision Church, 2010-Present

Choi, Byung Sung, M. S.

General Education

B.A., Yongin University, 1988
M.S., MyongJi University, 1991
Experience: Part Time Professor, Yongin University, 2000-2001; Adjunct Professor, Korea Hankyoung National University, 2012-Present; Referee Assessors, Korea Football Association, 2014-Present

Choi, Jae Hoo, Ph. D.


B.A., Yonsei University, 1972
M.B.A., University of Wisconsin, 1983
Ph. D., University of Wisconsin, 1989
Experience: Vice President & Director of Business & Economic Development Consulting Center, July 2004 -; Faculty, Sook Myung University, 2005-2007

Choi, Siyoung, D. Min.

Biblical Studies

B.A., Seoul Theological Seminary, 1999
M. Div., Seoul Theological Seminary, 2002
Th. M.. Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, 2005
D. Min. Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2013
Experience: Associate Pastor, Tidewater Korean Baptist Church, 2006-2011 Leader of the Reading Bible Ministry Mission, 2011-Present

Feeler, Robert L., D. Min.

Christian Education

Th.B., Hannibal-Grange College, 1983
M.Div., Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1988
D.Min., Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2004
Experience: Adjunct Faculty, Missouri Baptist University, 2001-2005; Adjunct Professor of Youth Ministry, Hannibal LaGrange College, 1996-1998; Adjunct Professor of Biblical Studies, Missouri Baptist University, 1992-1995.

Ha, Young Hi, Ph. D.


B.S., KyeongSang National University, 1983
M.S., Ulsan University, 1996
Ph. D., Busan National University, 2001
D. Min., Midwest University, 2010
Experience: Full time Instructor, Ulsan University, 2002-2004; Part time Instructor, Ulsan University, 1996-1998; Instructor, Korea Youth Counseling Institute, 1999-2000

Hong, Mi Ran, D. Min. in CM


B.A. The Catholic University of Korea, 2000
M.A. KyungWon Univeristy, 2004
D. Min. Midwest University, 2010
Experience: Pianist, Orange Hill Church, Orange, CA, 2012-Present; Pianist, Oriental Mission Church, LA, CA, 2009-2010; Pianist, Korean Presbyterian Church, St. Louis, MO, 2006-2008.

Jeong Heawon Grace, Ph. D.


B.A., Chong Shin University, 1991
M.Ed., Chong Shin University, 1998
M.Div., Midwest University, 2006
Ph. D., Saint Louis University, 2010
Experience: Special Education Researcher & Coordinator, St. Louis Children’s Hospital in St. Louis in St. Louis University; Educational Pastor, Korean Prebyterian Church of St. Ann

Kim, Choong, D.C.M

Voice/Church Music

B.A., Chung-Ang University, 1989.
M.E., Korea National University, 1997.
Diploma, Accademia Internazionle Di Musica, 1999.
D.C.M, Midwest University, 2004.
Experiences: Kunsan Young-Kwang Girls' High School, Music Teacher, 1990-2005. Kunsan Young-Kwang Girls' High School Mission Choir, Conductor, 1990-2005; Sohae College, Church Music lecturer, 1997-2000; Chung-Ang University, Music Pastor, 2006-Present, Graduate School of Arts, Chung-Ang University, Director of Church Music Program, 2007-Present; More Dream Choir, Conductor, 2007-Present.

Kim, Dae Suk, Ph. D.

New Testament

B.A., Korean Baptist Theological Seminary, 2002
M.Div., New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, 2006
Th.M., New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, 2009
Ph.D., New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, 2012
Experience: Youth and Children Pastor, Korean Baptist Church of Baton Rouge, 2004-Present; Minister of Youg Adult, Shin Pyung Baptist Church, 2000-2001

Kim, Il-Ho, D.Min. Cand.


B.A., Yonsei University, 1967
M.A. University of Maryland, 1986
M.Div., Sothern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1996.
D. Min. Candidate, Sothern Baptist Theological Seminary, Present
Experience: Senior Pastor at the Agape Baptist Church of Washington, 1997- Present Youth Pastor at the Global Mission Church of Washington, 1993-1997;Director of Marketing and Education, 1980-1991

Kim, Tasig, Ph. D.

Church History

B.A., Chungnam National University, 1987
M.A., Dongguk University, 1993
M. Div., Korea Baptist Theological Seminary, 1997
Th. M., Korea Baptist Theological Seminary, 2000
Ph. D., New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, 2009
Experience: Instructor, Korea Baptist Theological Seminary, 2009-2011; Adjunctive Professor, Korea Baptist Theological Seminary, 2012- Present; Instructor, Chungnam National University, 2012-Present

Kim, Young Soo, D.C.M.

Music History and Church Music

B.A. in English Language & Literature, SookMyung Womens University, 1976. B.A. in Music, Church Music, Azusa Pacific University, 1990. M.C.M., Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, 1993. M.M., Organ Performance, Westminster Choir College 1997. D.C.M., Organ, Claremont Graduate University, 2001. Experience: SookMyung Womens University, Organ Instructor, 2003-Present; Present Calvin University, Lecturer, 2008-2009; Seoul Jangsin University, Lecturer, 2001- 2006; Chong-Shin in University Conservatory, Organ Intructor, 2002-2005; Hansei University Conservatory, Organ Instructor, 2007.

Ko, Yoo Kyung, Ph.D.

Leadership/Church Laws & Administrations

LL.B,. Kyungpook National University, 1987
LL.M, Kyungpook National University, 1989
Ph.D. Kyungpook National University, 1995
Experience: Senior Editor of Washington Christian Power News, 2006-2009; Vice President of China Aid Association, 2005-present; President of Freedom Society of America, 2008-present; Professor/Dean of Hyechon University,1992-2003; Guest Professor of Korea Military Nursing Academy, 1990~2002; Gastprofessor of Frieburg National University(Germany), 1995-1996; Professor of Kyungpook National University, 1990~1992;

Kong, Paul H., Ph.D.

Christian Education

B.A, California Baptist University, 1989
M.Div, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1992
M.A., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1997
D. Phil, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2007
Experience: Adjunct Professor at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2008-Present; Minister to Young Adults, 2008-Present; Youth Minister, Disciple Korean Baptist Church, 2000-2002; Administrative Intern, Travis Avenue Baptist Church, 1997-1999; Administrative Intern, Fielder Road Baptist Church, 1997; Minister of Education at Living Stone Korean Baptist Church, 1990-1995; Minister of Education at Rowland Heights Korean Baptist Church, 1987-1989

Larrain, Kim D. Ed. Min.


M.A., Columbia University, 1971
M. Div. Baptist College and Seminary of Washington, 1987
D. Missiology, Baptist College and Seminary of Washington, 1989
D. Ed. Min. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2012
Experience: ESOL Teacher, Montgomery College, Adult ESOL & Literacy Program 2005-2008; Chaplain Intern, Sibley Memorial Hospital, 2002; Registrar & ESL Program Director, Seminary Teacher, Baptist Seminary and College of Washington, VA 1988-2002

Lee, Eunmee, Ph.D.


B.A., Sungshin Women's University, 1986
M.S., Florida State University, 2004
Ph.D., Florida State University, 2007
Experience: Part-time TESOL Teacher and Coordinator for Middle and High School, 2005- 2007; English Instructor for International Adult Students as an intern for Center for Intensive English Studies, Florida State University, 2004; Mentoring Korean ESOL Students at Augusta Raa Middle School, Tallahassee, Florida, 2002-2003; English Instructor for Hwajung Elementary School, Hwasoo Middle School, Community Adult English Classes, Korea, 1995-2002; English Advisor and Manager for the University’s English Newspaper, The Sungshin Mirror, Sungshin Women’s University, Seoul, Korea, 1993-1995.

Lee, Jaechul, Ph.D.


B.S., Chungnam National University, 1989
B.A., National Institute for Lifelong Education, 2014
M.Div., Korea Baptist Theological University, 1992
Th.M., Asia Baptist Graduate Theological Seminary, 2000
Ph.D., Consortium for Indian Missiological Education (CIME) in Collaboration with Fuller Theolgical Seminary, 2008
Experience: Professor, Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary, 2009; Professor, Banglore University, 2013-2014;
A Visitig Professor, Globsal Clinical Pastoral Education Graduate University, 2013-2016.
Specialized Studies: Foreign Linguistic Acquisition, Inter-Cultural Communication, & Missions Training for South Asia.

Lee, Seoung Hyun, M.M.


B.M., Sookmyung Women’s University, 1987
M.M., The Cathoric University of Korea, 2003
Corso Internazionale Di Perfezionamento Di Canto Lirici Biennal Diploma, Accademia Musicale , Italy , 2002
Corso Perfezionamento Di Canto Lirici Triennale Diploma, Accademia Scuola Di Musica Di Savona Italy, 2003
Corso Internazionale Di Perfezionamento Di Canto Lirico Biennale Diploma, Accademia Scuola Musicale , Italy , 2004
Experience: Founder and Total Art Director of Genus Opera Incorportion, 2002-2006; 2nd Place in “1 Concorso Internazionale di Canto Lirico” which is an international vocal contest that sporsored by Napoli city, 2203; Full time vocal music performer of the Seoul Metropolitan Chorus, 1987-2001; Adjunct voca-professor, Pyeongtaek University, 2004-2007; Associate vocal professor, Soongsil University Conservatory, 2001-2002; Vocal instructor, Pyeongtaek University, 2001-2002.

Nam, Duck Woo, Ph. D.

Old Testament

B.Th. Korea Baptist Theological University, 1985
M. Div. Asian Center of Theological Studies and Mission, 1988
Th. M. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1994
Ph. D. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2000.

Oh, Sei Yeol, Ph.D.

Business Administration/Finance

B.S., Kyung Buk National University, 1978
M.S., Korea University, 1981
Ph.D., Korea University, 1986
D. Min., Midwest University, 2010
Experience: Visiting Professor, University of North Carolina, 1998-1999; Chief of Business Administration Research Institute, Sungshin Women's University, 2004-2006; Dean of Planning & Coordination, Sungshin Women's University, 2003-2004

Rhee, Sung Hee, D.M.A.

Voice/Music History

B.A.,Ehwa Women’s University, 1986
M.M., Graduate School, Ehwa Women's University,' 1988
M.M., Catholic University, 2003
D.M.A., Catholic University, 2009
Experience: Vocal Director, Washington Soloist Ensemble, 2008 ~ present; Conducting/Teaching, WDC Area ?Law Women's Choir, 2007 ~ present; Church Music Director, Global Mission Church, 2002 ~ present, Church Music Director, Rockville Korean Baptist Church, 1990 ~ 2002.

Ross, Larry F., D.S.L.


B.S., The University of the State of New York, 1992
M.A., Southern Illinois University, 1999
D.S.L., Regent University, 2008
Experience: Adjunct Professor, DeVry University, 2011-Present; Adjunct Professor, Central Michigan University, 2009-Present; Adjunct Professor, Central Texas College, 2008-Present; Director, Office of Equal Employment Opporntunity, Defense Contract Management Agency, U.S. Department of Defense, 2010-Present

Ryu, Su Hyun, Ph.D. Candidate


B.A., Hannam University, 2004.
M.A., graduate School of Art Christianity Musicology of Baekseok University, 2008.
Ph.D. Cand. Baekseok Univeristy, 2008-present
Experience: Lecturer at Yeum Arts conservatory and Seminary on Leading Praise; 2008-present.Praise Leader of Mission Band ‘Talitha Koum’; 2006-present.Vocal of Mission Band ‘H.I.M.’; 2003-2004.Lead Vocal of Modern Band ‘Neoprism’; 1996-2005.

Son, Dong Won, D. Min.

Christian Leadership

B.L. in Law, Korea National Open University, 1993
M.E. in Software, Sejong University, 2002
M.Div., Midwest University, 2006
D.Min in Christian Leadership, Midwest University, 2008
Experience: Adjunct Instructor, 2006-2008; Adjunct Professor of Christian Leadership, 2008-2010; Assistant Professor, 2010-Present.

Song, Hochul, Ph. D.


B.A., Korean Baptist Theological Semianry, 2000
M.Div., New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, 2004
Th. M., New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, 2008
Ph. D., New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, 2011
Experience: Adjunct Professor, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, 2011-Present Coordinator of Korean Online Program, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, 2008-2010

Suh, Byung Yong, Th.D.

Systematic Theology

B.A., Sogang University, 1989
M.A., Sogang University, 1994
Mag. Theol., Kirchliche Hochschule Wuppertal Germany, 2002
Th.D., Kirchliche Hochschule Wuppertal Germany, 2006
Experience: Professor in Systematic Theology at Westminster Seminary in Seoul, 2006-2008; Cooperative Minister and Instructive Staff, University Bible Fellowship, 2006-2008; lay missionary, University Bible Fellowship, 1994-2006.

Yeom, Kyong Seob, M.S.

General Education: Economics

B.S., Southern Illinois University, 2000
M.S., Southern Illinois University, 2002
Experience: Midwest University: director of Finance April 1, 2010 to Present; SKS consulting, Inc.: Office Manager April 1, 2004-March 30, 2010

Yoo, Ok, D. Min, Ph.D.

Family Counseling

B.A., Union University, 1994
M.A., Hanyang University, 1999
D. Min in Christian Counseling, Midwest University, 2004
Ph.D , Ham Nam University, 2010
Experience: Professor, Chongshin University and Theological Seminary, 2001-2005; MBTI Lecturer, MBTI Institute, 2006. Professor of HanYoung University, 2006.

Adjunct Faculty


Choe, Daniel N. Ph. D.

Church History

B.A., New College of Florida/Univ. of Central Florida, 1989
M.A., Princeton Theological Seminary, 1994
M. Div., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1997
Ph. D. , Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2009
Experience: Adjunct Professor, Dallas Baptist University, 2010-Present; Adjunct Professor, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2010; Online Instructor, Luther Rice University, 2009

Choi, Jai Sun, Ph. D.

Business Administration

B.A., Mokpo National University, 1983
M.B.A., Graduate School of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, 1985
Ph. D., Graduate School of Chunbuk National University, 1994
M. S., Graduate School of Philadelphia Biblical University, 2000
Experience: The Chief Representative of China, North East Science and Technology Foundation, Korea, 2000 - Present; Professor of Graduate School of Donga University, 2008 - Present; Chairman, China-Korea Human Resource Development Consulting Company, 2007 - Present

Choi, Jon, Ph.D.

Old Testament

B.S., San Jose State University, 1991
M.Div., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1997
Ph.D., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2005
Experience: Teaching Fellow, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Forth Worth, 2000; Adjunct Faculty, Dallas Baptist University, Dallas, Texas, 2001-2005; Lead Pastor, Global Harvest Church (English Ministry of Korean First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas)

Choi, Kyung Soo, Ph.D.

Social Studies

B.A., Seoul National University, 1958
M.A., Seoul National University, 1964
M.S.W.,St. Louis University, 1977
Ph.D., St. Louis University, 1982
Experience: Executive Director of Washington Youth Foundation, 2003 ~ present; Executive Director of Korean Community Service Center of Greater Washington, 1983~2002; Adjunct Professor of Prince George’s Community College,1990~present; Social Work Supervisor of Korean-American Community Services (Chicago): 1981~1983.

Choi, Seok Man, Ph. D.

Business Administration

B.A., Yuin University, 1986
M.B.A., Sungkyunkwan University, 1997
Ph.D., Yuin University School of Business Administration, 2007
Experience: Professor, Sejong University, 2010 -Present; Professor, Seoul Digital University, 2005-2008; Professor, Sejong University, 2001-2005.

Chung, YoungJin, D. Min in CL


B.A., Korean Baptist Theological Seminary, 1983.
B.A., HanNam University, 1990
M.Div., Oral Rovert University, 1997
D.Min in Chrisian Leadership, 2005
Experience: Senior Pastor, Dongdam Baptist Church, 1987-1994; Senior Pastor, YunHee Baptist Church, 1995-2001; Senior Pastor, Hope Baptist Church, 2002-Present; Intructor, Korean Baptist Theological Seminary, 2006-2008.

Eom, Se-Cheon, DSW

Social Work

BSW, Academy Science and Arts International, 2002
MSW, University of South Carolina, 2006
Mater of Law, Yonsei University, 2009
DSW, Academy Sciences and Arts of International, 2007

Han, Do Su, D.Min

Mission Studies

B.A., Han Shin University, 1980
M.A., Asia United Theological University, 1994
D.Min., Fuller Theological Seminary, 2004
Experience: Pastoral Work, Se Seng Myung Church, 1976-1979; Pastoral Work, Jang Hang Church, 1979-1983; Pastoral Work, London Saling Korean Church and Missionary Training by WEC in England; Missionary, Philippines Missionary Training and Seminary Ministry; Missionary, Brasil, 1997-2000; International Mission Director of the Paul Mission,/p>

Hwang, Hae Kyung, D. M. A.


B.M., Yonsei University, 1991
M. F. A., University of Califonia Los Angels, 1994
D.M.A., Unversity of Califonia Los Angels, 1998
Experience: Music Faculty, Musicians Institute College, 2008-Present; Voice Faculty, World Mission University, 2006-2007; Adjuct Faculty, University of La Verne (1997-2005); Voice Instructor, Santa Monica City College, 1996-1997.

Kang, Byoung Ju, M.M.


B.M., The University of Suwon, 2001
M.M., The University of Suwon, 2004
M.M., Manhattan School of Music, 2010

Katcher, Edward Kenneth, Ed. D.


B.S., University of Missouri, Columbia, MO, 1971
M. Ed., University of Missouri, Columbia, MO, 1975
Ed. D., University of Missouri, Columbia, MO, 1985
Experience: TIF Commission Chairperson, St. Charles County, Active; Facilitator of At Risk Programs, Washington School District, 2010-2011; Interim Assistant Superintendent, Washington School District, 2009

Kim, Cheol Su, DCM


B. M., Mokwon University, 1985
M.M., The Graduate School Mokwon University, 1989
D.C.M. Midwest University, 2003

Kim, Chun Gon, D.B.M.

Business Administration

B.A., Kyungnam University, 1993
M.B.A., Dankuk University, 2003
D.B.M., Kyungwon University, 2008
Experience: Honorary Professor, Mongolian Human University, 2004-Present; Foreign Professor, Kyrgyz-Korean College, 2015-Present

Kim, Eun Hye, D.M.A.


B.M., Seoul Jangsin University, 2002
M.M., Hansei University, 2004
D.M.A., University of Cincinnati, 2013

Kim, Hyunil, D. Min. in CM


B.M., Keimyung University, 1989.
Universitaet der Kuenste in Berlin, 1994
D.Min in Church Music, MidwestUniversity, 2012.

Kim, Jinse, Ph.D.


B.A., Yonsei University, 2002
M.Div., Chongshin Theological Seminary, 2005
M.A., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2007
Th. M., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2009
Ph. D., Liberty University, 2014
Experience: Counselor, Clinical counseling internship, Washington Christian Counseling Institute in Vienna, 2012-Present; Instructor, Counseling Academy I, III, and Continuing Education at Washington Christian Counseling Institute in Vienna, 2012-Present

Kim, Ju Dong, D.S.W.

Social Work/Practical Ministry

B.A., Seoul Theological Seminary, 2003
M. Div., Seoul Theological Seminary, 2006
M.A., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2007
D.S.W., Midwest University, 2010
Experience: Pastor, Jangyeol Evangelical Church, 2004-2007; Pastor, Immanuel Evangelical Church, 2009-Present

Kim, Keum-Tae, D.M.A.


B.M. & M.M., Hannover University in Germany, 1997
D.M.A., Stuttgart University in Germany, 2002.
Experience: Instructor, Steinenbronn Music Academy in Germany, 2002-2003; Part time Professor, University of Seoul, 2004-2008; Part time Professor, Chun-gye University for the Arts, 2004-2009; Professor, Seoul Arts College, 2009-2010; Part time professor, Korea Nazarene University, 2004-Present

Kim, Peter Chonghong, Ph. D.


B.A. Kyungpook National University, 1979
M.Div., Capital Bible Seminary, MD, 1996
Ph. D. , Peiking University, 2007
Experience: Founder, TWC international and ministry in East Asia as a missionary, 1997 - Present; Assitant pastor, KCPC, 1993 - 1996

Kim, Yeong Su, D. M. A.


B.M., University of Southern Califonia, 1999.
M.M., Yale University, 2002.
D.M.A., Universty of Maryland, 2006.
M.M., Catholicl University of America, 2007.
Experience: Principal guest conductor, Great Noise Ensemble, 2009-Present; Conductor, Christian Dream Youth Ochestra, 2008-Present; Conductor, Loudoun Symphony Youth Orchestra, 2008-Present; Music Director, Washington Soloist Ensemble, 2009-Present; Conductor, Whashington Korean Symphony Orchestra, 2008-Present.

Kim, Young-Eon, M.M.


B.M., Seoul National University, 1994
M.M., University of Music and Theatre”Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy” Leiqzig, Germany, 2005
M.A., Southwesstern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2012
Experience: Associate Conductor, Gwangju Symphony Orchestra, -Present; Adjunct Professor, Department of String and Wind instruments, Gachon University, - Present

Kim, Young Hee, D.Min.


B.A., Seoul Women's University, 1989
M.A.. State University of New York at Buffalo, 1991
D.Min., Midwest University, 2006
Experience: Homeschooling Principle at Misorang Home School, 1999 - Present; Seminar Lecturer, Korea Christian Homeschooling Association, 2003 - Present.

Kim, Young Kon, D.C.M.


B.C.M., Toronto Prebyterian Seminary, 1985
M.M., University of Toronto, 1988
D.C.M., Midwest University, 1998
Experience: Professor, Sung Duk College, 1996; Instructor, Chung Joo Education College, Korea Teacher’s College, and Duck Sung University, Present; Professor, BRNO Conserbatory of Music in Seoul, Present.

Kim, Youngkook, D. B. A.

Business Administration

B. B. A., Kyung Hee University
MBA. Kyung Hee University
DBA, Dankook University
Experience: Supervising professor for asset management of Business Administration Department, Graduate School of Business Administration of Dankook Univer., 2013- Present; Deputy Director/Professor, Intellectual Property Institute(IPI) Hankyoung National University (Feb. 2014 - Present); Adjunct Faculty, Kyunghee Univer., 2010-2012

Kwon, Tae Kyoung, Ph. D.


B.A., Chong Shin University, 1985
Ph. D., Kyung Hee University, 1995
Th. M., Western Theological Seminary, 2001
M. Div. Chongshin University, 2005
Experience: Faculty, Chongshin University, 2000 - Present; A Faculty Research Fellow, Calvin Theological Seminary, 1997 - 1998

Lee, Chanhee, Ph.D. Candidate

General Education, Philosophy

B,A. , Wonkwang University, 1993
M.A., Colorado State University, 1999
Ph.D. Candidate, Southern Illinois University, Present
Experience: teaching instructor in Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

Lee, Hyun-Gu, Ph.D.

Tesol and Leadership

B.A., Incheon National University, 1986
M.A., Korea University, 1990
Ph.D., Korea University, 1995
D.L., Midwest Unversity, 2017
Experience: Part-time Lecturer, Korea University, 1991-1995; Professor, Korea Nazarene University, 1995 - Present

Lee, Ui Cab, D. Min. in CM

Music Ministry

B.M., Presbyterian College & Theological Seminary, 1991
M.C.M, Prebyterian College & Theological Seminary, 2001
M. Div., Daejon Theological Seminary, 2009
D. Min in Church Music, Midwest University, 2008
Experience: Church Music Evangelist, Seowonkyung Church, 2003 ? 2005; Evangelist, 2005-2010; Evangelist, Daehyun Church, 2012-Present.

Lee, Yoo Jung Justin, D.Min.

Music Ministry

B.A., Yonsei University, 1989
M.Div., Presbyterian General Assembly Theological Seminary, 1993
Th.M., Liberty Theological Seminary, 2002
D. Min., Liberty Theological Seminary, 2004
Experience: Director of UntoU Ministries, G Light Global Mission Church, 2002~present; President of The Praise Ministry Association, 1997~1998; Director & Music Producer of Lifegivers Music,1995~1998; Music Minister, New Central Presbyterian Church,1990~1999.

Lee, Yoon-Jeong, M.A.

Classical Guitar

a Artis' Diploma from California state University., Northridge, 1997.
Experience: Konzert Exsamen, Hochschule fur M Concert.1997 Ensemble Concert at Yun-Se University 100 Years Memorial Hall;1998 Debut Solo Concert at Yun-Se University 100 Years Memorial Hall;1998 Ensemble Concert at Yun-Se University 100 Years Memorial Hall;2001 Debut Concert in Germany at Saal Der Haus Rosenberg, Dortmund Solo Concert at Margaretenkapelle der Ev. Kirchegemeinde; Solo Concert at Luhterkirche Dortmund, Germany, 2002 Solo Concert Ev. Kirchegemeinde Duisburg-Bruckhausen, Duisburg, Germany; 2003 year-Solo Concert Saal der Ev. Kirchrgemeinde Versohnungskirche, Essen, Germany; Solo Concert Scharnhorstkirche Dortmund, Germany; Solo Concert Dreifaltigketskirche Essen, Germany; Solo Concert Johnakirche Essen, Germany; Solo Concert Kapelle Hayssensift Essen, Germany; Solo Concert Brackelkirche Dortmund, Germany 2005 year-Ensemble Concert (Guitar Quartet)

Moon, Kyung Soo, D.M.A.


B.A., Pusan University School of Music Education, 1979
M.A., Pusan University Graduate School of Music, 1984
D.M.A., The University of Texas at Austin, 1993
Experience: Lecturer, Pusan University and Sookmyung Women’s University, 1994-2000; Adjunct and Visiting Faculty, Hansei University, 2000-2005; Faculty of Music, Hansei University, 2005-2011; Thesis Supervisor, Sookmyung Women’s University, 2011-Present

Paik, Hyun Ja, D.C.M.


B.M., Sookmyung Women’s University, 1963
M.M., Graduate School Sookmyung Women’s University, 1965.
D.C.M., Midwest University, 1993

Park, Tong-Hie, D.M.A. Cand.


B.A., Chong Shin University, 1992
M.A., Seoul Theological Seminary, 1994
M.M., University of Cincinnati, 2002
D.M.A., Cand., University of Cincinnati, Present

Park, Jin Hyun, M.M.


B.M., Esther Boyer College of Music, 2009
M.M., Pinao Academy, 2012
Experience: Private Piano Teacher, 200-Present; Staff Pianist, The Opera Department of Temple

Oh, Kwang Bok, D. Min, Cand.

Christian Counseling

B.E., Sungkyunkwan University, 1981
Diploma from Dormund Musik Hochschule, 2002.
M.A.R.E., Korea Baptist Theological Seminary, 1999
D. Min. Cand., Midwest University, Present
Experience: Senior Pastor, Disciples Church, 2006-Present; Senior Pastor, Maryland Christian Church, 2003-2006; Director, Family Therapeutic Counseling Center, 1998-Present

Son, Seung-Hee, M. M.


B.M., Sangmyung University, 2001
M. M., National Acamdey of Mousic, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2006
Experience:Instructor, Sunwha Art School, - Present; Part time Professor, Hyupsung University, 2009-2011; Part time Professor, Daegu Arts University, 2007-2009

Song, Kyung Seok, M.A.C.E.


B.A., BaekSeok University, 2005
M.Div., Midwest University, 2008
M.A.C.E., Talbot School of Theology at Biola University, 2013
Experience: Eucation Pastor, The First Presbyterian Church of Orange County, 2013- Present

Sung, Kee Ho, Ph. D.


B.S., Seoul National University, 1964
M.Div., Sungkyul Theological Seminary, 1970
Th. M., Faith Theological Seminary, 1977
Ph. D., Drew University, 1990

Tsai, Huai-En, D.M.A.


B.A., Soochow University, Taipei, 2002
M. M., Peabody Coservatory of the Johns Hopkins University, 2006
D.M.A., Peabody Conservatory of the Johns Hopkins University, 2012
Experience: Adjunct Faculty, China University of Technology, 2003-2004; Adjunct Faculty, Antioch Bible Institute, Taipei, 2001; Director of Concerts and Cultural Activities, Taiwanese Cultural Center of Greater Washington D.Cl, 2005-2012

Yao, Shu-Ting, D.M.A.


B.M.E., National Taipei University of Education, 2002
M.M., Peabody Conservatory of the Johns Hopkins University, 2006
D. M. A., The Catholic University of America, 2012
Experience: Music Theory Teaching Assistant, Catholic University of America, 2011-2012

Yoon, Tecnam, E.D.D.


B.A., Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, 2005
M.E., Graduate School of Eudacation, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, 2008
D. E, University of Massachusetts, 2014
Experience:Community Program Coordinator, Residential Life, the University of Massachusetts, 2009-Present; Project Assistant, the University of Massachusetts, 2009-2011


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