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학생의 영성개발

캠퍼스의 모든 풀타임 학생들(학사과정 및 석사과정)은 각 학기마다 영적성장을 위해 채플에 참석해야만 합니다.


미드웨스트 대학교의 모든 학생들이 학생회에 참여하도록 독려하고 있습니다.
학생회는 학생들의 의견을 대변하고 학생 자치를 위한 활동을 수행합니다.
학생회는 대학 행정당국 및 이사회에 대하여 학생들의 소리를 대변하며, 대학의 일과 가운데, 교수진과 학교 행정 당국과 협력하여, 대학의 복지를 증진시키고, 대학 커뮤니티에 영향을 주는 생생한 이슈들에 대한 인식과 관심을 증진시키기 위하여 활동하게 됩니다. 매년 5월에, 학생회는 학생회의 리더십으로서 활동할 운영진을 선출하며, 학생처장과 긴밀하게 협력하고 있습니다.


Midwest University desires to resolve student concerns and grievances. Students should attempt to resolve any issues or complaints within Midwest University. It is the objective of Midwest University to adequately address student complaints in an acceptable manner that avoids a formal grievance process. Should this objective not be met, students are expected to use the Internal Grievance Procedure before seeking resolution externally.

Students who feel that their concerns have not been adequately addressed may contact the institution's accreditation agency: The Association for Biblical Higher Education, 5850 TG Lee Blvd. Suite 130, Orlando, Florida, 32822, Ph. (407) 207-0808, www.abhe.org.

- https://dhewd.mo.gov/policies/documents/POLICYONCOMPLAINTRESOLUTION-reviseddraft.pdf

- MU Student Grievance Form : MU-student-grievance-form.pdf

1. The student will file the grievance in writing using the Student Grievance Form and give a copy to the Director of Student Affairs. A copy will also be given to the President's Administrative Council. (The President's Administrative Council Members for Student Grievance consists of the Academic Dean and the Chaplain.)

2. The President's Administrative Council will meet and determine if the grievance has validity and needs further action. If the Committee decides the grievance is invalid and dismisses it, the student has the right to appeal for a hearing with the Committee.

3. If further action is needed, the President's Administrative Council will meet with the student bringing forth the grievance. A decision will be made if there is further action needed.

4. If the grievance is not corrected, then the party or parties mentioned by the student will meet with the President's Administrative Council and the student to determine what course of action can be taken to remedy the situation. After this meeting, the President's Administrative Council will make its decision which may still be appealed by the grievant. The student does not at any step surrender his/her rights to legal counsel and/or action.


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