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Financial Information

The cost of tuition covers only a portion of our students' educational expenses; therefore, Midwest University depends upon the generous gifts of alumni, supporters, and friends to ensure the highest quality educational experience for our students and the continued growth of our institution. In registering as a student at Midwest University, you agree to pay all charges on your account when due (payment arrangements can be made as determined by the financial office) and you agree to abide by the Fees and Refund Policies stated below:

TUITION AND FEES (Residential and E-Learning)
International Pilot Certificate

Program Per Credit hour
English as a Second Language (ESL) per semester (180 hours) $3,540.00 for 180 hours
Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration $395.00
Bachelor of Arts in Theology (Biblical Studies / Christian Education) $295.00
Bachelor of Science in Aviation and Future Transportation Technology $395.00
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science $395.00
Bachelor of Music $395.00
Master of Arts in Education with Emphasis in Brain & Gifted Education $495.00
Master of Arts in Counseling, Education, TESOL $395.00
Master of Business Administration $495.00
Master of Divinity $300.00
MFA $495.00
Master in Music $395.00
Doctor of Fine Art $550.00
Doctor of Leadership (DL) $495.00
Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) $365.00
Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA) $550.00
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) $550.00
Only Music Applied Area Course per Semester Lesson Fee
Bachelor of Music $1,000.00
Master $1,200.00
Doctorate $1,500.00
Only Art Applied Area Course per Semester Lesson Fee
Master $1,800.00
Doctorate $2,400.00
Level Graduation Fee
Bachelor $580.00
Master (M.Div, Counseling, Education, Music, TESOL) $750.00
MBA & MA Gifted $1,150.00
D.Min. $1,150.00
DL, Ph.D. & DMA $1,250.00
I-901 Form Fee $350.00
I-20 Processing / Maintenance Fee $200.00
Application Fee $100.00
Document Handling Fee (Fee varies depending on services requested by student) $100.00
<Total> $750.00
I-20 Transfer-out Application Processing Fee $200.00
Visa Maintenance Fee - Per Semester $100.00
Security Deposit $700.00
Room Cost (1 room 2 person) / Month (Cleaning fee $200.00 Non-refundable per person) $698.00 per person
FEES (Non-Refundable)**
Application Fee $100.00
Orientation Fee (On Campus new students only) $50.00
English Placement Test Fee $35.00
Change of Program(Degree) Fee $50.00
Official Transcript Fee / Document Fee $30.00
Late Registration Fee (per course) $30.00
Returned Check Charge $40.00
E-learning Course Dropping Fee (per course) $20.00
Examination Fee (Music)
   Master Recital $300.00
   Doctoral Recital $500.00
   Ensemble Recital $500.00
   Lecture Recital $500.00
Research Project Fee
   D.Min.(Advising fee $1000 / Oral Defense $800)

Dissertation Fee
   Qualifying Exam Fee (DL, Ph.D & DMA) $100.00
   DL (Advising /Oral Defense) $2,600.00
   Ph.D. DFA (Advising /Oral Defense) $2,900.00
   DMA ((Dissertation / Graduation Recital) Advising & Oral Defense) $2,900.00
Per Semester
Registration Fee & Technology & Library fee $145.00
Student Fee (only for main campus) $65.00

** For all fees listed in the above section, the university allows for a period of no less than three days, (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) after registration for students to cancel their enrollment with a refund of all fees paid, excluding tuition. After the three day period, the fees are non refundable.

A late registration fee will be assessed per course after the registration deadline.

Any fee listed in this catalog is subject to change at the discretion of the Board of Trustees of Midwest University. Although as much advance notice as possible will be given, tuition and fees may be changed without prior notification.


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