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The Doctor of Philosophy in Education is designed to help students to be equipped with a higher level of teaching and research capabilities. This program provides more advanced leadership in education including teaching and learning, research and practice, curriculum analysis and development, other teaching in higher education, and leadership positions in educational agencies. Furthermore, this program enables students to apply their scholastic knowledge in their educational field.


Upon completing this degree, students will be able to:

  • Develop research skills with a research-intensive apprenticeship experience to establish careers in higher education, educational research, and policymaking.
  • Develop specialized disciplinary content and research knowledge along with scholarly experiences.
  • Establish the foundational knowledge and skills required for success as faculty in higher education and in research organization.
  • Analyze major theoretical perspectives in curriculum theories in Education.


  • Applicant Qualifications :
      1) Master's degree holder (Every major)
      2) The completed course with grade C+ below would not be counted as credit hours.
      3) GPA should be above 3.5
  • Admission Procedures :
      Admission procedures consist of application screening, entrance exam, and interview.
      1) Applicants should pass application screening before taking entrance tests. Application includes applicant's essay, recommendation letters, and transcripts.
      2) The test areas are essay and English (reading).
      3) Program faculities will interview applicants who take tests.
      4) Application screening, written essay test, English test and interview respectively take up 100 points (Total 400 points). Admission would be given to the applicants who scored 320 points above.
      5) Faculty committee will make all admission decisions.


  • The Doctoral Program is designed to be completed within five academic years. A maximum of seven years may be granted upon appeal to the Academic Dean.
  • The student must successfully complete a prescribed course of study with a minimum of 3.00 (B) grade point average on a 4.00 scale.
  • The awarding of a “C” in a doctoral course constitutes a failure (unsuccessful completion of the course).
  • The student must pass a qualifying examination.
  • The student must successfully complete a dissertation and pass the oral defense.
  • Prior to graduation the student must meet all financial obligations to the institution.
  • All candidates for graduation must complete a non-credit course, Introduction to Christianity. It will be waived for the students who have taken any biblical courses.


Core Courses

12 Credit Hours(Select 3 courses)

ED 851 Introduction to Doctoral Studies in Education 4
ED 852 Doctoral Seminar: Philosophical Foundations of Education 4
ED 853 Doctoral Seminar: Behavioral and Cognitive Foundations of Education 4
ED 854 Curriculum Theory, Foundations, and Principles 4
ED 820 Educational Leadership Theory and Practice 4
ED 821 Organizational Leadership in Educational Setting 4

Emphases Courses

20 Credit Hours(Select 5 courses)

Brain Development and Gifted Education
ED 860 EEG and Analysis Techniques 4
ED 861 Cognitive neuroscience 4
ED 862 Gifted Selection Method 4
ED 863 Curriculum Design for Gifted Education 4
ED 864 Teaching Practice 4
ED 865 Realities of School Leadership 4
ED 867 Neurofeedback Practice 4
ED 868 Neurocounseling 4
ED 869 Brain and Personality 4
ED 871 Clinical Practice 1: Dementia Prevention Program 4
ED 872 Clinical Practice 2: Metacognitive Education Program 4
Higher Educational Leadership
ED 822 Leadership in Higher Education 4
ED 823 Higher Education of the United States 4
ED 824 History of the Higher Education 4
ED 825 Critical Issues in Higher Education 4
ED 826 Higher Education Law and Ethics 4
ED 827 School Building and Administration 4
ED 828 Business Management in Higher Education 4
ED 829 Financial Management of Higher Education 4
ED 830 Program Evaluation and Planning 4
ED 831 Internship in Educational Leadership 4

Free Electives

8 Credit Hours

Research Methods

8 Credit Hours

ED 855 Introduction to Educational Research: Designs and Analysis 4
ED 856 Advanced Research Methods in Education 4

Capstone Course

3 Credit Hours

CP 890 Capstone 3


9 Credit Hours

RS 807 Dissertation 9


60 Credit Hours


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