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Midwest University offers on-campus housing for men and women and strives to provide a safe, convenient, and affordable living space. On-campus housing is designed to provide an environment that complements the academic, spiritual, social, and recreational experience at Midwest University.

The two-floor residence hall for single or married students provides economical accommodations and convenient access to campus facilities. All rooms are beautifully designed and fully furnished with two queen-sized beds, a bureau, two desks, two chairs, and two spacious closets. Each room includes a private bathroom. Laundry rooms are furnished with washing machines and dryers. Students generally share a room. The residence hall also has a spacious and comfortable recreation room.
Incoming students who want to reserve a space in the residence hall are required to contact Midwest University’s Business Office. The Business Office will mail a Residence Hall and Dining Services Contract to the student. In order to secure a room reservation, the contract must be signed and returned to the Business Office along with a $700 room deposit, provided admission has been granted and there is an available room for the student in the dorm. Room assignments are awarded on a first-deposits-received, first-spaces-awarded basis. A separate deposit must be paid for each term of classes for which a student desires to reside in the residence hall. Please see the Financial Information page for residence hall fees.

In most cases, students will find residence hall living to be less expensive than off-campus housing. The financial-aid package assumes on-campus housing; therefore, if a student moves out of the residence halls, their financial-aid package may be affected. In order to receive institutional aid (as distinguished from federal or state aid), a student must comply with Midwest University’s housing policy.
All student residents are expected to maintain full-time status, remain in good academic standing, and make satisfactory academic progress. Permission to continue residency is contingent upon meeting these criteria.

Each student is expected to become acquainted with, and comply with, all the rules and regulations pertaining to campus conduct and housing. At the beginning of each semester, there will be a mandatory meeting at the residence hall for all residents. At this time, the residence hall and campus policies will be explained. During this meeting, students will be requested to sign a statement that they have read and agree to uphold all residence hall regulations. If a student moves out of the residence hall during the contract period, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, the housing deposit will be forfeited, and a refund will be assessed on a pro-rated basis. The residence hall deposit is non-refundable for any student who fails to maintain good academic standing or make satisfactory progress.
For further information regarding Midwest University’s on-campus housing or help with relocating to the St. Louis area, you may contact the Business Office by e-mail at usa@midwest.edu or by calling (636) 327-4645 and asking to speak with the Director of the Business Office.


The distance education program requires each student to complete a minimum of 12 credit hours on the Wentzville campus.


Room and Key Deposit $700.00
Per Semester
Double Occupancy $1,755.00
Single Occupancy $2,750.00


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